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The Affordable Care Act is almost here.

“ObamaCare” is coming! Starting October 1st 2013, you can register at the “health insurance marketplace.”  (Register at or 1-800-318-2596.)

Other Affordable Care Act provisions are already in place and helping patients:

  • No more lifetime caps, or yearly caps, for medical costs paid by insurance companies
  • No more exclusions for pre-existing conditions
  • No more patients who are unable to buy health insurance at any price
  • Children can stay on their parents’ insurance (at family rates) until age 26
  • Insurance companies are required to reimburse premiums back to patients if costs are lower than expected
  • Expanded Medicaid eligibility
  • No copays for checkups and vaccines, for children and women

You can read the American Medical Association’s 2-page fact sheet.  Click here to download it.

—  David Epstein MD