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Looking to donate breast milk?

Some nursing mothers are able to produce more milk than their own babies can drink.

If you have an excess supply of breast milk, you might wish to donate it to someone who could use it.

Choose a donation facility that is non-profit, accredited and safe. Generally, a mother would answer a series of health-related questions, and have some blood testing. Then the facility would send packaging materials, and the family would ship the breastmilk (with “cold packs”) back to the facility. There should be no cost to you. (But you should also not accept payment for the milk you donate, beyond covering your costs.)

Here are two facilities that I recommend:

OhioHealth Mothers’ Milk Bank
(614) 566-0630

Nemours Breast Milk for Babies
(844) 341-1477

Local hospitals such as Christiana Hospital, and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, are not currently accepting donations of breast milk.

Donating your excess breast milk is a very generous thing to do!

—  Dr. Epstein